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  • UPS Members Page

    Welcome to the UPS information page. Here you will find important information from the Local Union pertaining to issues at UPS. Check back regularly for updates. Registered Local 776 members receive e-mail alerts whenever new articles are posted to the website. Not a registered member? Navigate to the home page and sign up, it only takes a few minutes and your personal information is never shared with a third party.

    UPS Drivecam Update
    Mar 07, 2024

    Pursuant to new language contained in Article 6 of the current UPS Master Agreement (Shown in Bold Text below) the IBT was provided with a letter from the manufacturer of the Drivecam devices (LYTX) attesting to the fact that the equipment has been disabled.

    Vehicles may not be equipped with inward-facing cameras. The forward-facing capability of cameras shall not be used for discipline. Further, there shall be no in-cab audio recording or videotaping. Any functionality included in driver-facing cameras (including their driver recording and monitoring functionality) will be disabled and rendered inoperable to prevent recording and monitoring of in-cab activities. Upon request, evidence of the disabled functionality of any driver-facing camera shall be provided to the Package Division.

    This information can be found under the “Member Resources/UPS Information” web page for further review. A copy of the letter may be found below.

    UPS Contract Guide
    Mar 07, 2024

    Recently Local 776 Business Agents Dave Licht and Jason Kraft compiled a “UPS Contract Guide” to help familiarize UPS Members with new contract language. The guide consists of the master portion of the agreement with new language identified in bold type. The contract guide, along with the Central PA Supplemental Agreement and the Sleeper Team Work Rules that apply only to the EZR facility may be downloaded and viewed by following the links below. To refer to the contract Guideline at a later date it is located under the Member Resources/UPS Information page of the website.

    UPS Contract Guide

    UPS Central PA Supplemental Agreement

    Mid Atlantic District Local 776 - Work Rules SLEEPER TEAM COVERAGE GUIDELINES


    Supervisors Working, Daily Guarantee
    Feb 05, 2020

    Below are guidelines to follow concerning filing a Supervisor working grievance:

    Package Car Driver 9.5 Guidelines
    May 28, 2019

    All UPS Package Car Drivers in Local 776’s Jurisdiction: With the ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement there are important changes in the implementation of 9.5 language to reduce workdays below nine and one half (9.5) hours per day for those who wish to be covered by these provisions. The pertinent language of Article 37 states:

    “The Union shall circulate and collect the names of package drivers who wish to be covered by the provisions of this Section twice each year. These lists shall be provided to the Company by January 5th and June 5th of each year. The Employer shall make a reasonable effort to reduce package car drivers’ workdays below nine and one half (9.5) hours per day for those on the list”.

    Local 776 has provided Union Stewards in each package car operating center a form to use for the above stated purpose. Any driver wishing to utilize the 9.5 provisions of the agreement must do so on this form. See the form example below:

    The language of Article 37 further states:

    “Employees within the full-time driver classification shall be eligible for the protection of this Section provided: (1) the employee covers a route for a full week; (2) the employee bids or is assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that bid or assignment due to reassignment by the Employer; or (3) an employee with four (4) years of seniority as a full-time package driver.”

    “The “opt-in” lists provided by the Union shall become effective on January 15th and June 15th. A driver may add or delete his/her name from the list at any time, with one week’s notice to the Employer”.

    Local 776 is implementing this process to provide all package car drivers with a documented procedure to ensure that those wishing to take advantage of the 9.5 language are afforded that opportunity. If you have any questions first direct them to your Union Steward, if further assistance is required do not hesitate to contact me at the Union Hall.


    David Licht, Business Agent

    9.5 Enforcement Packet
    Jun 30, 2015

    Local 776 has issued a 9.5 Rights Enforcement packet to make it easier to enforce your protections against excessive overtime. Use your 9.5 rights in the contract to get penalty pay for excessive overtime and to get your load adjusted.

    Get a copy from your Steward or Business Agent or to download, view, and print the enforcement packet follow the link below:

    9.5 enforcement packet

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