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      Teamsters Local 776 is the largest Teamsters Local in Pennsylvania. Chartered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1937, we are located in South-Central PA. Our diverse mix of over 8,500 members work in six different counties.

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      What's New at IBT 776

      Between July 25th and July 30th, 2022, thunderstorms brought heavy rain, deadly flash flooding, and devastating river flooding to eastern Kentucky. These thunderstorms, at times, caused rainfall rates in excess of 4" per hour which led to widespread devastating impacts. The overwhelming amounts of rain and resultant flooding led to 39 deaths and widespread catastrophic damage. 

      Entire homes and parts of some communities were swept away by floodwaters, leading to costly damage to infrastructure in the region. Radar-based rainfall estimates suggest that upwards of 14-16" of rain fell during this 5-day period, with many more locations receiving 6-10" of rain. The incredible rainfall led to significant flooding on many rivers in eastern Kentucky. The river flooding caused a second round of destruction for communities in the region and caused flooding in downstream areas that did not receive as much rainfall. Damage estimates in Perry County show that 23% to 24% of the homes had been destroyed.

      Area resident Chris Darhower used his contacts in law enforcement and as a firefighter to reach out to area agencies to begin a relief effort. As Chris began to amass relief supplies for the devastated region, he quickly had more supplies than he had room in a rental truck! Enter Local 776 UPS member Phil Thompson, a friend of Chris’s. Once he saw what Chris had amassed so far, with more expected, Phil got the Local Union involved by having Chris contact Local President Ed Thompson. Ed wasted no time getting the particulars of where to pick up and where to go, setting the wheels in motion for a Local 776 relief mission. Phil became the driver for this particular trip, and quickly a plan materialized. The first was a trip to a local Amazon warehouse for generously donated items. Next, a stop at a local non-profit agency, Mission Central. Mission Central acts as a distribution hub to receive, sort, and categorize, and then distribute relief items where they are needed. Lastly, a stop at Chris’s home, where supplies were already loaded on 20 skids. When all of this was completed, Phil weighed the load at 32,000 pounds! Items included school supplies, personal hygiene kits, clothing, building supplies, pet food, barbeque charcoal for cooking, and water treatment and filtration kits. Phil and Chris left for Hazard, Kentucky on September 1, followed by Chris’s friend Collin Morton in another truck with over-flow supplies. The first stop to unload was in Whitesburg, KY, to deliver the building supplies to a local church being used as a distribution point for the relief effort. Next up was to deliver the remaining supplies to a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) distribution point in Hazard, KY. A vacant JC Penney store was used as a collection/distribution site and was a site of non-stop activity. While being unloaded one of the Perry County workers remarked to Phil what a well-rounded load of supplies were included. As quickly as skids of donations were unloaded from the truck, they were immediately moved to the distribution floor for eagerly waiting people. Their work complete Phil headed the truck back to Harrisburg, arriving at the Union Hall on Saturday morning.

      Commented Chris on the event: “Phillip Thompson chauffeured our load and me safely to Hazard, Kentucky. He’s a proud member of Local 776 and a good friend of mine. I owe him for introducing me to a wonderful group of Teamsters dedicated to helping people make a difference. These guys and gals have been there every step of the way and I feel like family, despite the fact they didn’t even know my name a few days ago. Everyone down here has been so grateful for your assistance and willingness to help.” As one person who stopped to admire the truck told us, “We stay poor down here in Eastern Kentucky. This is all we know, and many who have spent their entire lives working just to have a trailer and an old car lost that, too. It’s devastating for us.” 

      “When disaster strikes and someone needs help we are available at a moment's notice,” commented Local 776 President Ed Thompson. “I would like to thank everyone at Local 776 who worked to make this trip happen as quickly as it did.

      Stops at an Amazon warehouse and Mission Central started the relief effort

      The load quickly became high and tight!

      Local 776 Member Phil Thompson (R) and Collin Morton secure the loads before leaving

      (L-R): Relief coordinator Chris Darhower, Robin and David; Union volunteers working at the FEMA relief site, Local 776 Member Phil Thompson, and Collin Morton, driver of the second supply laden vehicle

      The truck says it all:

      "People Helping People"

      To view additional photos from the trip please visit the website’s “Photo Gallery”

      Photo Courtesy Reuters

      Never Forget:

      The cowardly acts perpetrated against our country by those who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

      The innocent men, women, and children who lost their lives on this tragic day; only for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

      Our courageous first responders; who ran toward the disasters to offer help to those in need and perished while trying to help and serve their fellow Americans.

      Our Country may have been down, many would have crumbled under such crushing blows, but while we watched in horror as the events unfolded before our eyes, our strength and resolve grew and we became a determined people to punish those who promote terrorism and to make sure this tragedy would never happen again.

      Most of us can recall where we were that tragic day, what we were doing as we first got word of the attacks on our country, and stood in shock as we watched the Twin Towers in New York City crumble. Please take a moment today to pause and remember those who perished on 9/11. Remember our first responders who face danger daily, and finally remember and thank our armed forces; both here at home and deployed around the world insuring that America remains the Land of the Free and the home of the brave.

      On September 2, 2022, SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Healthcare Pennsylvania nursing home workers went on strike at Priority and Comprehensive nursing homes across PA. In the Harrisburg area, the strike will affect The Gardens at Blue Ridge in the Linglestown area and The Gardens at West Shore in Camp Hill.

      The SEIU contract with the nursing homes expired July 31, 2022. The striking members work in the following departments: CNA's, LPN's, Housekeeping, Dietary, Laundry, and Activities. Some of the issues leading to the strike action include safe staffing ratios, higher wages for ancillary staff and the company proposal to change the healthcare plan entirely.

      In a show of solidarity Local 776 brought drinks and snacks for the striking workers and walked the picket lines at The Meadows at Blue Ridge in Harrisburg and The Gardens at West Shore in Camp Hill. In attendance from Local 776 were VP Dave Pogue, BA Dave Vrona, BA John Taylor, BA Mark Cicak, and Organizer Ashley Cerzullo.

      While you celebrate Labor Day this weekend please keep these courageous individuals in mind as they bravely take a stand for a fair contract.

      Local 776 was on hand to support the striking SEIU Members

      Local 776 organizer Ashley Cerzullo, BA Dave Vrona, and VP Dave Pogue lead the picket line

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      The Rick Smith Show

      A daily radio show that focuses on working family issues. Hosted by Rick Smith, a Teamster member from Pennsylvania.

      "Where working people come to talk"

      Rick also hosts a daily segment  on labor history at 2:00 PM

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