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    • Welcome To Teamsters Local 776

      Teamsters Local 776 is the largest Teamsters Local in Pennsylvania. Chartered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 1937, we are located in South-Central PA. Our diverse mix of over 8,500 members work in six different counties.

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      What's New at IBT 776

      National UPS Teamsters Stewards Call - Sunday, February 5

      General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman will be holding a National UPS Teamsters Call with shop stewards this Sunday to announce the launch of the UPS Teamsters Contract Unity Pledge campaign.

      We urge all stewards to register for this call and participate to hear important updates from O’Brien, Zuckerman, and other leaders from the International.

      To register for the call follow the link below:

      UPS Stewards Call-In

      Workers’ Memorial Day is observed in York and Adams Counties on April 28th to remember workers who lost their lives on their job. The York-Adams Counties Central Labor Council AFL-CIO; York, Pennsylvania sponsors The Richard L. Boyd Workers’ Memorial Day Essay Contest, offering a scholarship to eligible High School Seniors Details can be found below:

      Teamsters at UPS face weekly issues with payroll problems. Full-time or part-time, combination jobs, article 22 jobs, and air driver jobs, to name a few, all seem to keep the payroll dept in a state of confusion.

      The International has launched a new feature on the UPS Teamsters app. The Payroll Calculator helps you keep track of your hours and pay, giving UPS drivers, inside workers, in all classifications a tool to fight back when management shortchanges our members. Don’t let the company steal your time. Keeping your own records helps build a stronger case when you need to file a grievance.

      The UPS Teamsters app is available for Android and Apple devices by following the links below:

      Android UPS Teamsters app:

      Apple UPS Teamster app:

      Log in to the app and be sure to refresh by hitting the yellow “update button” on the bottom of your screen to install the latest feature. Tap the Payroll Calculator button. From week to week, you can calculate straight time, time and a half, and double time on any given day at any rate you input, giving you your gross pay for the week. Tap the yellow “Add Shift” button at the bottom to add a shift to the same day at a different rate, if needed. You can go back to previous weeks to see all of your entries.

      If you haven’t already done so register for the Local 776 website and Mobile App. Registered users of the website and app get email alerts and app notifications when information concerning events, information, and news about Local 776 are posted. To register for the website and app follow the registration links on the website’s home page. Your email address is not shared with anyone; it is only used by Local 776 to stay in contact with you.

      Teamster Nation News

      Teamster News Updated Daily

      Follow the link below for Daily Teamster News:

      Teamster Nation

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      Week Ending 2/3/2023
      Teamsters Local 355
      Week Ending 2/3/2023
      Teamsters Local 570
      Teamsters Honor The Lessons of Black History
      Teamsters Local 570
      Week Ending 2/3/2023
      Teamsters Local 992
      The Threat of Supreme Injustice
      Teamsters Local 570
      The Threat of Supreme Injustice
      Teamsters Local 355
      The Rick Smith Show

      A daily radio show that focuses on working family issues. Hosted by Rick Smith, a Teamster member from Pennsylvania.

      "Where working people come to talk"

      Rick also hosts a daily segment  on labor history at 2:00 PM

      To visit the Rick Smith Show Website follow the link below

      The Rick Smith Show

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